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Motor Sales & Storage

Electric Motor Sales and Storage Services

As a leading provider of state-of-the-art motor servicing, Wazee has the facilities, materials, equipment, and the highly trained expertise for your mission critical equipment. Wazeeco has earned their reputation for motor servicing, and has now become part of Timken Power Systems, with access to engineering support from Philadelphia Gear, Western Gear, and Westech Gear. For a comprehensive level of service, including a full-service motor shop and excellent OTS (Onsite Technical Services), Wazee is prepared to offer a complete solution.

Full-Service Motor Shop
Wazee’s temperature-controlled storage facility ensures corrosion protection for bearing components and shafts. Shafts are regularly rotated to reduce false brinelling on bearings, saving time on overhaul costs. Periodic insulation resistance tests (or MCE tests) are performed to check the state of the insulation system to assure reliability when the motor is put back into service.

If you are looking for the most professional electric motor sales and storage services company, one with a full-service motor shop and the widest range of motor servicing capabilities, from onsite technical services and predictive maintenance that includes critical motor and equipment storage, contact Wazee today.

Critical Motor and Equipment Storage
One of the best methods to prevent downtime for mission critical processes is to have a complete replacement unit ready for swift installation. Because motor spares are a heavy investment for most companies, with the additional investment in space, critical motor and equipment storage offers a cost-effective offsite solution. When properly stored, spares can be as reliable as the original motor. Having spares properly maintained during storage, including resistance testing, motor heaters, shaft rotation, etc., assures reliability and offsite storage alleviates space and handling requirements for plant sites.

As part of a comprehensive predictive maintenance program, critical motor and equipment storage allows for an immediate back-up plan when a main motor fails, or needs repair, with more efficient “rapid response” protocols.

Wazee Electric provides Critical Equipment Storage for Platte River Power.
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